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Drabble: Busman's Holiday

Sorry this is so late. I definitely wanted to write something for this challenge. It doesn't really allude to the newsies, so I hope it fits.

Title: Busman's Holiday (300 words)
Author: dark_bruce
Date: 12/12/08
Universe: Gotham Newsies
Challenge: #2, 'Thanksgiving'

It was his first Thanksgiving in Gotham City in nearly a decade. He ignored the holiday, sleeping, then reading, and only picking at the traditional fare Alfred left cooking in the kitchen. Darkness would fall by 4:30, and he planned to be out on the streets shortly thereafter.

Socializing didn't enter into his thoughts.

Nor did prayer.

The night was preferable to the day. When he spread his wings and felt the cold wind nibbling at his chin, he forgot the nauseating nostalgia that had lurked in the shadows of his thoughts all afternoon. He didn't want to remember their faces flushed with pleasure at doing all the things he didn't do, entertaining treasured guests, sharing with friends, giving thanks to God.

It was too quiet. Even Gotham's criminals had taken the day, and seemingly the night, off. Without the aid of adrenalin, how could he avoid his memories? He climbed and jumped, then climbed again. Then he sped through the wet streets, like a teenager cruising for action. He found himself close to the place Lt. Gordon lived, curious suddenly about the home life of the man who had once offered him comfort and more recently, trust.

He crouched in the shadows and watched through the windows, the orange warmth of the electric lights inside hypnotizing him, swelling his throat like a melon stuck there. Only once or twice did he make out more than a shape, first of a smiling woman, then of Gordon himself.

Gordon pressed his face close to the glass and peered out into the gloom, as though he were looking for someone. No doubt it was simply the act of a cautious policeman.

He shrank back, although he was completely covered by darkness already.

"I'm here," he wanted to call out.

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Dec. 16th, 2008 09:37 am (UTC)
Very good. Very true to life.