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Challenge #3

It's past time for another challenge. This one will last the rest of December, and again we'll give everyone a couple of options.

You can write a 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500-word drabble. Or you can write a ficlet of up to 2,000 words based on one of the following topics:



Feel free to write more than once; do something based on both of the topics, if you want. Feel free to write a series of drabbles or ficlets based on one or both. Feel free to write whatever you feel fits the subject matter. We'll welcome whatever you write. Remember, we want to read fiction set in the Gotham Newsies universe.

And, of course, you can still write a drabble based on Challenge #1: Food or Challenge #2: Autumn and Thanksgiving. And we'd love to have other Gotham Newsies discussions and/or fiction, as well. (Hope to see some new characters making appearances in your stories!)

If you forget to tag, I'll do it for you.

Have fun and stay warm! Thanks for participating!