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Drabble: "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

This is my first 'real' post in this verse. I hope it works!

Title: "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (100 words)
Date: December 14, 2008
Fandom: Gotham Newsies
Disclaimer: Thanks DC Comics/Warner Bros. and Disney for the inspiration; no infringement intended.
Character(s): Bruce/Jack
Challenge: #3 'winter'

"It's freezing! Why would you even consider going out?" Bruce watched Jack twisting his long woolen scarf around his neck. "At least put on your new coat."

Jack looked over at him with plaintive eyes. "The guys don't have coats like that. I can't wear it."

Bruce turned away and stuck his fisted fingers in his pockets, gazing out at a panoramic picture of Gotham City's first snowstorm of the season. "They don't have to work in this," he said. "The Wayne Foundation will take care of them."

Jack sighed. "I love you Bruce. But you just don't get it."