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Drabble: A Fine Life

Title: A Fine Life (100 words)
Author: jack_cowboy
Date: 21 Nov 2008
Universe: Gotham Newsies
Challenge: #2, 'thanksgiving'

Jack pulled off his trousers...Collapse )

Drabble: Blessed Event

Title: Blessed Event (100 words)
Author: race_track
Date: 11/03/08
Universe: Gotham Newsies
Challenge: #2, 'autumn'

Read all about it!Collapse )

Challenge #2

It's time for another challenge. This one will last the entire month of November, and it will give everyone a couple of options.

You can write a 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500-word drabble. Or you can write a ficlet of up to 2,000 words based on one of the following topics:



Feel free to write more than once; do something based on both of the topics, if you want. Feel free to write a series of drabbles or ficlets based on one or both. Feel free to write whatever you feel fits the subject matter. We'll welcome whatever you write. Remember, we want to read fiction set in the Gotham Newsies universe.

And, of course, you can still write a drabble based on Challenge #1: Food. And we'd love to have other Gotham Newsies discussions and/or fiction, as well.

I've made a bunch of tags, but let me know if you need more. I'm happy to tag for you.

Have fun! Thanks for participating!


Drabble: Dinner guest

Title: Dinner Guest (100 words)
Author: we_willy
Date: 10/26/08
Universe: Gotham Newsies
Challenge: #1, 'food'

Willy liked going to the Mayor's~Collapse )

Drabble: Soup

Title: Soup (100)
Author: davey_news
Date: October 23, 2008
Universe: Gotham Newsies
Challenge: #1, 'food'

"Can I have some more?"Collapse )

Drabble: Hungry for Honey

Title: Hungry for Honey (300 words)
Author: jack_cowboy
Date: 20 Oct 2008
Universe: Gotham Newsies
Challenge: #1, 'food'

Autumn was lovely...Collapse )

(This was hard, but fun! I can't wait to try another one...)

Drabble: Sunday Brunch

Title: Sunday Brunch (300)
Author: dark_bruce
Date: October 20, 2008
Universe: Gotham Newsies
Challenge: #1, 'food'

Sunday BrunchCollapse )

Drabble: Good Dog

Title: Good Dog (100 words)
Author: race_track
Date: 10/20/08
Universe: Gotham Newsies
Challenge: #1, 'food'

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Challenge #1

Let's have a drabble challenge to get things started! We've got five members, so we should be able to all contribute and get something going here.

Challenge #1:

Write a 100, 200 or 300 word drabble set in the Gotham Newsies universe based on the following topic:


You have until next weekend to post your entries. You can post more than one entry, but they must be posted one at a time. We'll figure out the tags as we go. Have fun! (And don't let this discourage you from posting anything else, such as art, discussion or longer fanfic.)