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gotham_newsies's Journal

Gotham City Newsies
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Fanfic featuring the Newsies of Gotham City
Imagine Gotham City in 2008, with its metropolitan lifestyle and modern conveniences. This is the Gotham City of The Dark Knight, with the vast downtown straddling the river and The Narrows, home of the infamous Arkham Asylum, separated by the channel. And imagine that the newsboy system of the 1800s is still in place. The newsies live in lodging houses called Newsboy Hotels, originated in the mid-1800s by Judge Wayne. And although this archaic system bothers some of Gotham City's reformers (like the recently deceased Harvey Dent), it seems to stick. After all, its a tradition!

The newsboys work six days a week, enjoying 'a day of rest' on Sundays, leaving the heavy Sunday paper to the newstands, although they're usually busy practicing the song and dance routines that get them extra tips all week.

Jack Kelly and his crew take care of downtown, peddling papes to places like City Hall and the Wayne Tower. Spot Conlon's boys operate in The Narrows, managing to keep their heads above the squalor due to their special brand of ingenuity. Spot has an ongoing war of words with Wayne Enterprises about the length of time it's taken to fix the monorail destroyed by Ra's al Ghul and the League of Shadows. The loss of the monorail has severely affected his business.

The newsboys supported Harvey Dent in his campaign for Gotham D.A., but their true hero is the Dark Knight who helps keep them safe on Gotham's mean streets, the Batman. Whenever the headlines criticize their hero, their policy is not to hawk them. They'd rather call out about the most recent escapades of Gotham's infamous billionaire, Bruce Wayne. An article about Wayne's activities can sell a lot of papes!

In many ways Gotham City is timeless and not all that modern.

Lucky for those of us who are fans of both The Dark Knight and Newsies!

Everyone is welcome to join up and enjoy the Gotham Newsies FUN! You can share your own fanfic, take part in challenges, offer FEEDBACK on fic, or just read (and lurk).

Our only stipulation is that you stay inside our AR (alternate reality) universe.